Discover Latin America

    Discover Latin America

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    Embark on an adventure to distant, untamed lands and follow in the footsteps of pre-Columbian civilizations and conquistadors.

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    Why visit Latin America?

    To visit Latin America is to comprehend the mysteries of the Mayans, explore wild coastlines and experience pristine natural parks; to trace the line of history by wandering through the great cities built by Spanish explorers. Many locations have been awarded World Heritage status by UNESCO.

    Visiting extraordinary Mayan sites

    The archaeological sites of Chichén Itzá, Tulum, Palenque, Uxmal and Edzná on the Yucatán peninsula, Lamanai in Belize, Tikal in Guatemala… So many cities recognized as guarding impressive vestiges of the past, bearing witness to a powerful and advanced civilization. Pyramids, observatories, temples and ornaments are still being discovered, reminding visitors that not all Mayan secrets have yet been revealed.

    Discovering a unique terrestrial and sub-aquatic natural world

    Below sea or on land, Latin America offers a diversity of breathtaking panoramas. The Blue Hole of Belize, the Pearl Islands of Panama, the Islands of the Gulf of California and the coral reef of the Mayan barrier in Mexico are replete with underwater sites that are rich in fauna, to be explored on snorkeling tours. The many botanical gardens and national parks of Costa Rica, Lake Atitlán and the volcanic regions of Guatemala or Nicaragua will immerse you in lush flora and contrasting landscapes.

    Visiting remarkable historic cities

    The fortified city of Campeche or bustling Mérida in Mexico, the fortresses of Omoa in El Salvador or San Felipe in Guatemala, the historic centers of Antigua, Belize City, Granada in Nicaragua and Panama ... Bearing the architectural footprint of Spanish, French, English and Italian influences, these cities will allow you to trace the colonial history of each area.

    Featured Countries

    The eight countries that make up this central region have closely related histories that shape the identity of the entire area. Each country also has its particularities. Together they offer eight different ways to learn about this vast territory.

    Not to be missed in Latin America…

    Many jewels lie along the routes that crisscross Latin America. Here are ten that are not to be missed!


    Tulum ►


    The Panama Canal ►

    Costa Rica

    The cloud forest ►


    Granada ►


    The Blue Hole ►


    Huatulco Bays ►


    Antigua ►


    The San Fernando
    Fortress of Omoa ►

    Costa Rica

    Cocos Island ►


    Tazumal ►

    A few Latin American photos …

    Sloth in Costa Rica

    Ik-Kil Cenote on the Yucatán, Mexico

    View of the sea from Cabo San Lucas in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico

    Indigenous of the Kuna tribe, Panama

    Folkloric dances in the street, Mexico

    Aerial view of the Frank Gehry Biomuseo, Panama

    Volcanoes in Guatemala

    Natural pools of Semuc Champey in the middle of the jungle, Guatemala

    Starry sky, Costa Rica

    Toucan on the banks of the Savegre River, Costa Rica

    Iguana, Costa Rica

    Child of the Kuna tribe, Panama

    Church, El Salvador

    Elderly man, Mexico

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