PONANT SCIENCE is a pioneering programme to support scientific research and bring researchers aboard our ships to learn more about the ocean, the least known ecosystem on our planet.

For several years, we have worked closely with scientists around the world, allowing them to carry out their research in often inaccessible regions. Thanks to the use of the two fully equipped laboratories of Le Commandant Charcot, a high-end polar exploration ship, these experts can carry out essential and valuable work.

PONANT is moving forward in achieving its mission: explore in order to better understand, share, and help protect.

Commandant Charcot recherches

Supported projects

Since 2021, numerous scientific missions have been carried out on board our fleet in both the Arctic and the Antarctic. Marine biology, oceanography, environmental chemistry—learn more about these projects that better help us to understand our world’s fragile ecosystems.

Southern Ocean

Documenting the impact of nanoparticles

The study of nanoparticles in the Southern Ocean to understand their impact on marine life and on the exchange of materials between organisms.

Southern Ocean

Defining krill sanctuaries for whales

Record whale populations to estimate the amount of food they need and guide plankton fishing quotas.

North Pole

Study ocean circulation

Use sensors to collect seawater samples to understand how the Arctic Ocean is responding to climate change.

Arctic ocean

Mesure ocean deoxygenation

Analyzing oxygen, zooplankton, and microplastic levels to better understand the effects of climate change.