Before and After the Cruise

    PONANT advantages

    Before and After the Cruise

    Travel Documents

    Sent by email or post a few weeks before the cruise, the travel Documents contain detailed information needed for a worry-free cruise:

    • The cruise ticket
    • The cruise itinerary
    • Details of the excursions offered aboard
    • The contact sheet with important telephone numbers
    • Airline tickets and instructions on when to be at the airport (if the flight was booked with PONANT)
    • A description of the Pre-and Post-Cruise programmes (if the clients chose them)
    • The voucher to use for land services and transfers (if the clients chose these options)
    • The insurance contract, when applicable

    Flight Packages

    To make things easier for our travellers, we organize chartered flights and transfers for our Antarctic and Arctic cruises. Our flight packages offer the following advantages: direct flights, luggage transferred onto a single flight to ensure successful delivery at arrival, the ship’s departure is delayed if the flight is late, and personalised service on board.

    Pre- & Post-cruise Programmes

    Travellers have the possibility of starting their holiday early or extending it with quality programmes that tie in with the flights chosen by PONANT. Ranging from half-days to multiple days, these programmes allow guests to discover a little more about the region, enjoying fascinating visits without having to worry about logistical details such as meals, hotels and guides. These are group excursions and must be booked before departure.

    Customise the client experience

    PONANT can create personalised circuits: from a package (cruise, flights, transfers, excursions, pre- and post programmes) to just a simple cruise. Consequently, you may book the cruise, land excursions and air travel directly with us, if you wish. Our advisors will suggest you the most suitable solutions and available chartered flights if necessary. Similarly, bespoke services like A La Carte Breaks before or after the cruise are possible.

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