Because a successful voyage begins with a carefree departure, we help and assist you right from the planning of your cruise through to your return. In addition to your various transport requirements, we also offer an "à la carte" approach to organising your trip: you get to choose the options and select the places you want see and visit based on your own preferences.


Flights and transfers

Scheduled flights, as well as the transfers corresponding to your cruise, are proposed by PONANT. In addition, for certain destinations less accessible by scheduled flights, PONANT can charter flights for passengers, enabling a more direct or advantageous connection, while ensuring you enjoy a high-quality service.

PONANT can also organise your transfers before/after your cruise between airport and embarkation/disembarkation port (private bespoke transfers are also possible). For more information, please consult your travel agent.

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Our "à la carte" service

To ensure a real getaway travel experience that meets with all your desires, we have put in place an "à la carte" service. So choose the option of a completely personalised voyage designed specifically to match your individual needs and requirements.

Our dedicated travel consultants are available to help you adapt both the cruise itself and the pre- and post-cruise stages of your trip based on your own preferences. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of overnight stays in hotels, private excursions and additional sightseeing visits and tours, depending on your requirements.

With this tailor-made option, you will be able to enjoy the unique experience of a trip designed to ensure your complete comfort, right down to the very last detail.

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Help and assistance from start to finish

From the booking of your cruise through to your departure, we help and assist you with every stage of the process right up to the beginning of your voyage.

  • Booking

  • 24 to 12 months before the departure

  • 12 to 6 months before the departure

  • 6 to 3 months before the departure

  • 1 months before the departure

  • Departure

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Help and assistance from start to finish

You can book your Ponant cruise several months prior to departure. We'll also guide and assist you in the period up to your voyage. We'll be available at all times, in particular to pre-book your flights, your before and after cruise programmes or your excursions.


In the days following your booking, you'll receive an email that will enable you to complete your MY PONANT account with the required information for your stay with our company.

12 to 24 months prior to departure

You'll be notified of our sales programmes before and after the cruise as well as the option to book flights. You can also contact out Travel Advisors to pre-book.

6 to 12 months prior to departure

We'll ask you to provide your passport number or inform us of its expiration date so the required formalities can be taken care of prior to your departure.

3 to 6 months prior to departure

We'll give you the smartest luggage advice around according to the type of cruise and the destination you have chosen. Essential documents, outfits to add to your suitcase or first aid kit. You can also find ideal clothes and accessories in the PONANT online store. You'll then be ready to sail off without a care in the world!

We invite you to discover and pre-book excursions available on your itinerary (except for expedition cruises).

1 month prior to departure

You'll receive your Travel Documents and your travel documentation including luggage labels, a wallet containing your cruise tickets.

We'll remind you of your departure date.

We'll introduce you to the crew that will welcome you on board as well as your cruise ship, the services offered and the exceptional spaces on board.

We'll send you your final travel advice.

We'll send you a number to contact in case of emergency

An SMS will be sent to you 3 days prior to your departure summarising useful information concerning boarding.


The PONANT Travel Documents

Sent by post several weeks before the start of your cruise, the Travel Documents contains all the practical documents and detailed information required for your voyage to go smoothly. This includes:

  • Summary of your cruise itinerary
  • Information concerning your cruise ship
  • A description of before and after cruise programmes
  • Details of excursions offered on board
  • Clothing advice
  • Travel document (cruise tickets, the exchange coupon for on-the-ground service and transfers, train tickets and flight invitations if booked through Ponant, the insurance policy if purchased and a contact list with important telephone numbers)

To receive all of this information, pass your information on to your Travel Advisor.

  • Notification on the PONANT application
  • Email notification
  • Information is on your Travel Documents