Life on board

    Whether you choose a Mediterranean cruise or an expedition into the pack ice of Antarctica, on board you will always find the exceptional levels of service for which PONANT is renowned. Our excellent service, customized and attentive, will give you the privileged feeling of sailing aboard your very own yacht.

    Our experienced staff is fully available to you, responding as precisely as possible to all of your desires and ensuring your voyage is tailor-made.


    The safety of our guests and crew has always been our greatest priority. On land as at sea, PONANT applies strict safety rules that are subject to regular international inspections.

    Provisions on board

    • Each guest has a lifejacket in their stateroom and near the life rafts.
    • A demonstration of the procedure for abandoning ship, which is compulsory for all, takes place before the departure of each cruise.
    • The ships are equipped, among other things, with automatic fire detection and extinction systems, fire doors and watertight doors.
    • For maximum safety in the polar regions, our ships have specific lifesaving equipment that can cope with extreme external conditions while waiting for assistance, in the event of problems.

    Inspections and classifications

    • The fleet is monitored by the Centre de Sécurité des Navires PACA Corse, located in Marseille.
    • Each ship has ISM (International Safety Management) certification, a very strict international regulation.
    • Safety equipment is checked and approved on a yearly basis by the French authorities and by Bureau Veritas.
    • All our ships are graded and are regularly examined in great detail and without prior notice, in ports of call around the world.
    • Our four sisterships (Le Boréal, L’Austral, Le Soléal and Le Lyrial) have a reinforced hull and a structure certified by Bureau Veritas. They have also been awarded “Ice 1C” certification, which authorizes them to sail in polar zones.
    • PONANT is currently the only cruise company sailing under the French flag, recognized as being the safest flag to sail under in the world.

    Crew training

    • After passing the entrance test, each officer received thorough training at the French National Maritime College (ENSM) by alternating periods of training with periods of sailing. After successful graduation and proper experience, these officers are recruited for our ships, and are responsible for operating the ship and supervising the crew.
    • Training courses on an ice navigation simulator are organized at the ENSM in Marseille. This tool, unique in France, is able to train young officers to run a very specific bridge and to sail in a polar environment.
    • The entire crew (sailing, hospitality and production) undergo extensive training enabling them to exercise the roles entrusted to them in the event of an emergency. Many exercises and simulations are regularly held to ensure that everyone is fully capable of behaving appropriately.
    • For cruises in the polar regions, the crew undergo additional training regarding survival and behavior to adopt in polar waters.

    Information regarding the Cruise VesselSecurity and Safety Act (CVSSA)

    The 2010 Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act sets out requirements in terms of safety and security for the majority of cruise ships embarking or disembarking guests in the United States. This law demands that any criminal activity is reportedto the FBI. The US Coast Guard is responsible for posting online the statistics provided by the FBI regarding criminal activity aboard cruise ships. In accordance with the legal requirements of the United States, we are required to provide you with the hyperlink that allows you to access these statistics: Compagnie du Ponant operates a zero-tolerance policy regarding criminal activity aboard its ships and reserves the right to report any allegation of criminal activity to the authorities or any other national organization responsible for the application of national or local legislation. For this reason, if you discover that a person could be injured, or if someone shows dangerous or possibly illegal behaviour during your cruise, we ask you to immediately inform the ship management so that our security and/or medical teams can intervene effectively. Learn more

    Sécurité à bord ponant

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