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Prof. Timmy Gambin

Prof. Timmy Gambin

Timmy Gambin is Professor of Maritime Archaeology in the Department of Classics and Archaeology at the University of Malta. In recent years he has been involved in a number of research projects, including the PaleoMed project, carried out in collaboration with the CNRS in Aix-en-Provence. Based on a modern multidisciplinary approach, PaleoMed brings together archaeologists, geomorphologists, palynologists, etc. with the aim of reconstructing the ancient landscapes and coastal environments of the Maltese islands.

Combining his passions for Second World War history and archaeology, Timmy Gambin is now actively involved in the rapidly expanding field of aerial archaeology, with over 50 aircraft discovered and explored to date. His main project is the excavation of a Phoenician shipwreck off the island of Gozo, dated to 700 BC and currently the oldest known wreck in the central Mediterranean. Timmy has also edited a volume of papers presented at the first International Conference on Aviation Archaeology.

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Photo credit : Timmy Gambin

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