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Maud Fontenoy

Maud Fontenoy

For over 20 years, Maud Fontenoy has fought to protect the environment, specifically the oceans and coast. An experienced adventurous sailor with many first woman exploits to her name, solo, rowing and sailing, she is Ambassador for France’s Ministry of National Education and Youth for its Sea Education programme; President of the Maud Fontenoy Foundation; former spokesperson for the UNESCO Oceanographic Commission; an expert in sustainability; a talented speaker; and author of hard-hitting books and documentaries. Her ultimate goal: to inform and raise awareness among as many people as possible about the urgent need to protect our planet. 

Having spent more time in her life at sea than on land, she is tireless in her campaigns to tell people about the visible effects of pollution and global warming on the oceans that she knows so well. Supported by scientists, notably through the actions taken under the aegis of her Foundation in partnership with the French Ministry of Education, Maud is committed to educating the young generation in ways that make it easy to grasp so that sustainable development becomes accessible to all and Ecology rhymes with Economy. 

All her actions, commitments and interventions are built around two key pillars: to pass on the values of hard work and perseverance and the fight for Sustainable Development. 

She advises a range of different companies on this theme and advocates realistic, pragmatic ecology. 

Languages spoken: french and english


Photo credit: Riccardo Tinelli

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