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Maria Leijerstam

Maria Leijerstam

I hold two Polar World records, including the first person to cycle from the edge of the Antarctic Continent to the South Pole and the human-powered speed record for any coast-to-Pole traverse. My 681-mile journey was completed in under 11 days on December 27, 2013, and included an ascent of the 56-mile-long Leverett Glacier, ascending to over 3,000 metres in the Trans-Antarctic Mountains. 

Half-Swedish, I embraces the philosophy of “Lagom,” meaning finding a beautiful balance in “just enough”. I aim to live a diverse, exciting, and contemplative life, demonstrating kindness and love in all her actions. I transform my passion into a way to give back to people, particularly families, by providing an opportunity to embark on exciting adventures close to home through my Burn Series Adventure Racing company. Feedback on my book, "Cycling to the South Pole," and TV documentary, "White Ice Cycle," provide an inspiring achievement for the lives of others, even in small ways, gives an immense appreciation that no amount of money can buy. I value motherhood, my most valuable gift, and devotes myself entirely to my two children. I rely on my instincts, honed through all my life experiences, including the Polar expedition, to be the best mother possible. My journey taught me the importance of resilience, determination, and grit, which are crucial for achieving the UN Agenda 2030, proving women can achieve remarkable feats and empowering each other to break down gender barriers to create a brighter future for all.

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