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Léonor de Récondo

Léonor de Récondo

Léonor de Récondo was born 1976 into a family of artists, her mother a painter and father a sculptor. A violinist, she has recorded numerous albums and performed in France and abroad, notably with baroque music ensembles. She founded the Yriade Ensemble that specialises in 17th and 18th century cantata repertoires. 

A writer, she has written eight novels, La Grâce au cyprès blanc (Le Temps qu’il fait, 2010); Rêves oubliés (Sabine Wespieser, 2012); Pietra viva (Sabine Wespieser, 2013) which was a huge success; Amours (Sabine Wespieser, 2015, Grand Prix RTL-Lire et Prix des Libraires); Point cardinal (Sabine Wespieser, Student Novel Prize, France Culture-Télérama, 2017); Manifesto (Sabine Wespieser, 2019); La Leçon de ténèbres (Stock, Ève Delacroix Prize from the Académie française, 2020), and Revenir à toi, (Grasset, 2021, LGF, 2022).

Language spoken: French


Photo crédit: JF PAGA