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In the icy immensity of the Antarctic, between the 37th and 50th parallels south, the French Southern and Antarctic Lands encompass the largest emerged lands in the southern Indian Ocean, from the Crozet archipelago to the Kerguelen Islands. In the wake of the greatest European explorers, like Julien Crozet, Marc Marion Dufresne or James Cook, who sought out Terra Australis Incognita, you will explore these volcanic lands, which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In these sanctuaries of biodiversity which represent unique terrain for scientific research, majestic icebergs stand like ephemeral sculptures, silent witnesses of the passing of time, while king penguins or elephant seals, the lords of these inhospitable lands, populate the beaches with their gigantic colonies.

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Hobart, Tasmania - Cape Town
28 nights on board
2/17/2026 to the 3/17/2026

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