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Cruises visiting Cap-aux-Meules, Magdalen Islands (Canada)

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Although it is the administrative and economic centre of the Magdalen Islands archipelago, in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, the village of Cap-aux-Meules remains a peaceful location and is ideal for exploring preserved nature. Located on the eponymous island, in reference to the sandstone rocks of the cape that were used in the past to make grindstones, the location is above all considered to be the maritime gateway to the archipelago. In this respect, it offers privileged access to many sites renowned for their natural and historic heritage, such as the village of Havre-Aubert which is a member of the Most Beautiful Villages of Quebec.

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Saint Pierre Island, Saint Pierre and Miquelon - Montreal
Flight Montréal/Saint-Pierre et Miquelon + Transfer
11 nights on board
9/17/2025 to the 9/28/2025
Montreal - New York
12 nights on board
9/28/2025 to the 10/10/2025

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