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Facing the mythical island of Kyushu, between the Yatsushiro and Ariake seas, the island region of Amakusa both surprises and captivates. Composed of some one hundred verdant islets surrounded by stunning seabeds, the Japanese archipelago was once a refuge for many Christians fleeing the ban on Catholicism in the 17th century during the Edo period. Christian heritage can be found in every village in the region. In Sakitsu, a charming fishing port, immerse yourself in this Christian heritage, particularly when you visit the emblematic church listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Osaka - Kagoshima
8 nights on board
4/10/2025 to the 4/18/2025
Kagoshima - Osaka
8 nights on board
4/18/2025 to the 4/26/2025

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