Legal information

    Legal information

    For over 20 years now, PONANT has embodied the art of YACHT CRUISES, combining a sophisticated à la française lifestyle on board with exploration and discovery.

    Corporate name: Compagnie du Ponant
    Headquarter: 408 avenue du Prado – 13008 MARSEILLE - France

    USA : 132 East 70th Street, New York, NY 10021 -USA
    Registration Number: 344 497 011 - R.C.S Marseille
    Phone: +1 888 400 1082 (toll free)

    FL seller of Travel Ref. No 5T37706
    CA Seller of Travel Ref. No 212071240

    Web Hosting: PEER 1 France
    Green Side Bât 2, 400 av. Roumanille 06410 BIOT – France

    Information regarding the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act (CVSSA)
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