Groups & charters

    Groups & charters

    Groups & Charters cruises

    In addition to our “Individual Cruise” activity, we also offer private individuals and businesses the opportunity to:

    • Travel as a group, occupying a minimum of 10 cabins, on our existing cruises.
    • Charter the entire ship for any type of cruise and any number of nights.

    Whether it is to organise a seminar, a convention, an event evening, an incentive trip or a wedding celebration, our exceptional ships are an original and ideal place for these types of events. They provide unique opportunity for team building, discovering, discussing and sharing.

    Our experienced, creative and attentive teams work with your clients to manage all the steps needed to ensure a successful event: Itinerary, ports of call, excursions, customised events, themes, logistics, etc.

    Croisière en groupe PONANT

    Our Strengths

    • 4 identical ships to simplify sales.
    • A three-mast yacht for guests.
    • Ships that are perfectly adapted for the organisation of events, conferences and parties; the theatre and salons are out-fitted with audio-visual equipment.
    • An entire team at your service:
      • An answer within 48 hours
      • Flexibility and reactivity
      • A dedicated and experienced team
      • A fully customisable programme of events and entertainment
      • A programme of “à la carte” excursions
    • Bespoke possibilities:
      • A tailor-made itinerary
      • Ship is customised with the company logo
      • A single site, allowing a stronger impact to be generated
      • Consistent cabins

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