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Alban Michon

Alban Michon

Passionate about the polar regions and scuba diving, Alban Michon is a French adventurer and explorer who has taken part in some exceptional expeditions. In 2010, he embarked on an adventure with a team to the North Pole and dived under the Arctic ice pack for 45 days. In 2012, he followed this up with a 1000 km expedition to Greenland in a kayak, where he had the chance to swim with a polar bear and immerse himself under icebergs. In 2018, he left for a 62-day solo expedition on the ice floes of the Northwest Passage in Canada's far north.

Alban Michon has always had a taste for adventure. At the age of eleven, he discovered scuba diving, and he was just of age when he started seasons in Corsica and Porquerolles as an instructor. At the age of 22, he bought the ice diving school in Tignes (Savoie, France), then the underground diving centre of Vasques du Quercy (Lot, France). Very quickly, Alban became the reference in ice and underground diving. People come from all over Europe, amateurs and professionals, to try out the techniques of these unusual immersions. In 2020 he opened the School of Explorers in Tignes. He trains, advises and guides all those who have projects related to the world of adventure, technology or science

Languages spoken: French


Photo credit: © Andy Parant

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